1972 Ford XA GT Stolen From New Estate Sale Owner

Jun 6, 2022 1 min read
1972 Ford XA GT Stolen From New Estate Sale Owner

This man had his entire retirement stolen from him in just one night.

Automotive thieves are one of the biggest opponents faced by the automotive community today because of their destructive antics resulting in thousands of dollars in damages. For most people, their car is the second most valuable thing they own, with their house being the most valuable, making the theft of a vehicle extremely financially crippling. For automotive enthusiasts mainly, it's easy to form an emotional bond with our cars, as was the case for one Australian man who found thousands had been stolen from him in parts and automobiles during a checkup on his storage facility.

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Having been purchased from an estate sale and funded by a mortgage on the owner's house, this mound of spare parts and cars is valued at tens of thousands of dollars. This massive heap of treasure was incredible enough on its own, but there was one vehicle that stood out. Likely the reason for the theft, the diamond in the rough was a beautiful 1972 Ford XA GT, reportedly the only one of its kind still featured in its factory paint. This car was valued at over $200,000, so the thieves went through with such a grand plan. One must wonder how exactly they knew about the car though it was likely information from the estate sale listing.

One piece of evidence suggesting some heavy premeditation was the stealing of a trailer about a week before the warehouse raid. While car enthusiasts across the internet have been jumping from their seats trying to help, the owner says the car is likely being gutted and sold for parts. The Ford Falcon is an Australian icon, and this particular one won't be hard to spot driving around because of its rare features. As car people, we all sincerely hope this man is reunited with his beloved muscle car once again despite the odds. It wouldn't be the first time some car enthusiasts on the internet helped rescue a vehicle like this.

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