1200-HP Chevy C10 Cuts Loose With Smokey Burnouts

Jun 12, 2024 2 min read
1200-HP Chevy C10 Cuts Loose With Smokey Burnouts

When you have this much power, you use it!

The second-generation Chevy C10 pickup truck is widely recognized as one of America’s favorite small pickups. With classic ‘60s styling combined with easy modability and an awesome powerhouse for its time, this truck swept the nation and steadily climbed up the ladder in automotive enthusiast's minds. This truck is the perfect example of that. Having originally served as a Los Angeles city fire truck, its abilities now extend to a far more fascinating purpose. While it may not be helping to put out fires this truck still deals with a lot of burning rubber. Hold onto your window deflectors, this is the 1,200 horsepower Lucky Costa shop truck and it's an absolute monster.

Speaking of window deflectors, see some for your vehicle here.

Starting with the underside of the truck you’ll notice that the suspension has been buffed to handle a ridiculous amount of pressure. This was done with a full QA1 suspension set up which works alongside the HPI frame reinforcement to keep the truck on the straight and narrow at high speeds. The tubular QA1 control arms also give the car better castor and pivot points. Sound bellows out from a Hooker Blackheart exhaust system allowing everyone in the area to experience the deep throaty growl and high-pitched supercharger whine. Braking is handled by a set of four-piston Baer brakes on 13-inch rotors for the rear and six-piston Baer brakes on 15” rotors on the front, all they need is to update the window deflectors.

The pièce de résistance for this build is the incredible engine. Under the hood of this ridiculous machine is a 5.3-liter V8 engine. Through the use of an all-aluminum block, Trick Flow heads, 2300 with 10-pound pulley, and a Magnuson supercharger. This helps the truck to achieve a ludicrous 1,200 horsepower rating. A really special piece of this truck is the “little red button” which controls the roll control/line lock. This makes the truck perfect for big smokey burnouts as Sean from AutotopiaLA found out pretty quickly.

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