Florida County Hunting For Cars With Dead Bodies Inside

May 31, 2022 1 min read
Florida County Hunting For Cars With Dead Bodies Inside

It’s all for a good cause…

Broward County in southeast Florida has launched an effort to locate and recover submerged cars in waterways. The hope is authorities will find dead bodies in the vehicles. One official claims there’s more water than land in the county, when you account for the Everglades, so that means plenty of vehicles are hiding in the murky depths.

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For three days, dive crews trolled the waters looking for signs of submerged cars. A recovery crew on the shore then pulled the vehicles out of the depths, allowing officials to thoroughly check for bodies. As an added bonus, this means fewer pieces of metal clogging waterways.

One lake is a place of concentration for the search. Authorities state they believe at least 8 cars are submerged there, possibly with a body in at least one. However, there’s only one way to find out for sure.

In the news report included, the reporter points out a freshly-removed Bentley which doesn’t have any tags. We’re not detectives, but this seems suspicious to us, like when a skeleton is uncovered in a barrel at the bottom of Lake Mead in Nevada. Apparently, it was a disappointment to not find a body inside the luxury British car. At least the thing can be recycled into cans of air fresheners or something, because it’s probably rotten to the core and not worth salvaging at this point.

We’ve covered plenty of cases where cars were found in lakes, rivers, and other waterways. Sometimes these vehicles were used to commit and crime and were dumped to hide the evidence. Other times they’re ditched for insurance fraud. Sometimes criminals stash bodies in these cars, driving them into the water to ensure they aren’t found for a long time. There’s also the possibility someone suffered a medical episode or was suicidal, their family members only knowing the person disappeared without a trace. Ultimately, this is about giving families closure as well as cleaning up the environment some.

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