Check out the sights of the 2021 comeback!

Monterey Car Week and the headlining Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and the festivities that go on have absolutely brought Monterey, California back to car scene life after a dark year (and some change). It is our honor to be in attendance this year, and we were there when things kicked off on Thursday.

Sunday attracts the best of the best, and getting things kicked off with the Best of Show Reunion cars was better than coffee.

To celebrate our 70th anniversary, several Best of Show winners returned to Pebble Beach.

Many of the owners joined the cars as well.

Nature served as the perfect backdrop as the overcast sky and cascading ocean allowed these cars to steal the show.

The amount of history these cars represent is almost too much to fathom.

It's as if a long lineage of royalty is waiting for the new king to be crowed.

While we're waiting to find out which car that will be, there's plenty to see, like these cars from the concept exhibit:

If you could pick only one, which one of these concepts do you wish made it into production?

While we wait on the winner, enjoy the view of some of the most impressive automobiles in history:

The Concorso Italiano on Saturday was a major treat.

As you'd expect the event attracts the finest Italian & exotic automobiles.

The cars on display, frankly, include a bit of everything.

This event has a little bit more edge than the others, and a lot more horsepower.

Sitting side by side, these motorcycles remind us how far every vehicle has come, not just the cars.

On day 3, the Concours d' Lemons kicked off the day. The Concours d' Lemons is billed as “Celebrating the oddball, mundane, and truly awful of the automotive world.”

This is a must attend event of the weekend.

There's lots of fun conversation being had over the cars.

It's easily one of the most light-hearted and fun events of the whole sha-bang.

Stay tuned for more!

Day 2:

Cancelled last year due to the pandemic, the annual gathering in California is expected to break $320 million in sales in 2021.

Right away, you will find something to do when you step off the plane in California.

The cars arriving in the peninsula are amongst some of the most exclusive, as well as some of the most popular.

The massive car event features the largest variety of vehicles you're going to find in one place, at least on the west coast.

The vehicles range from historic, to relics in time, to halo cars, to the most expensive cars for sale, and everything in between, literally.

Is there anything you want to see? We'll go find it!

Throughout Friday and the weekend, our Motorious crew will be bringing you the best of the sites and sounds of everything going on.

With auctions starting on Thursday, you'll wish you the money of a Warren Buffett and Elon Musk combined.

Who wouldn't want a little more variety in their car collection?

Even if you're not buying or selling, spectating during the flurry of auctions is like watching a high intensities sporting event.

The amount of money and cars expected to exchange hands is almost too much to process, even for the seasoned industry professionals.

Check back throughout the day and weekend for more galleries and updates.

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