Steve Strope Uses His Magic To Create This 1300-HP Camaro

Jun 9, 2024 2 min read
Steve Strope Uses His Magic To Create This 1300-HP Camaro

Strope is part artist, part genius.

Steve Strope and his auto-restoration and modification business, PureVision, have become icons in the car world. From Camaro guys to Mustang lovers and even Pontiac connoisseurs, we can all agree that he and his team created some of the coolest cars to even hit the auto show circuit. So you know that when we see a new car come out of his garage, we gotta cover it. Hang onto your car, truck, and SUV seat covers, and check this out.

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While the 1972 production year may not be everybody’s favorite Camaro and was largely overshadowed by the Firebirds at the time(because they're better). Steve and his team have poured an immense amount of time, money, and effort into this car. Detail was key with this build, while it is frustrating to see many overlook the handmade interior or custom exhaust pipes, part of the fun, according to Steve, is the game of finding little things about the car you wouldn't have noticed otherwise. “Easter eggs” as he calls them, litter the car in its entirety from the custom flanges separating the exhaust tips from the bumper to a completely carbon-fiber front end.

Under the hood is an engine bay that would bring tears to even the most affluent SEMA builder. Light gleams off of the silver engine, with the focus being put mainly on the Twin Turbos which help the car achieve an astonishing 1,320 horsepower. The engine was moved back by three inches from stock to allow for more space in the engine bay, as well as providing an optimal weight distribution. Looking up from the engine bay there is a glistening 24 karat gold plated fire shield, this option also comes on the McLaren F1 and was added to give the car a little aspect of supercar persona.

The interior is complete with rustic brown and gray leather seats, along with a custom instrument cluster and white stitching. Unlike most extremely high powered builds, this car was made for drivability and style. Ignition is handled via a password-protected touch screen and the lighting is available through the push of a soft-touch button. This car is a representation of what you get when you combine intricate detail and technological prowess, with rare horsepower and speed.

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