Celebrate the influential women in the collector car niche...

In an industry that is male dominated and has traditionally looked at women as pin-up models and eye candy, it's good to see significant changes are leveraging the skills and talents of women. Unlike in the past, women today are increasingly holding impressive roles and making notable contributions in the automotive industry, including in the collector car hobby.

A great grandmother drag races her Dodge Hellcat, read about it here.

To help celebrate International Women's Day (March 8th), Motorious is highlighting a few of the women in our sphere of influence who may not have yet made it to the international stage for recognition.

Elizabeth Puckett

As our very own Editor-in-Chief, we would be forever ungrateful if we didn't mention Elizabeth Puckett at the top of this list. She provides careful, expert direction for the Motorious editorial staff, lending years of professional experience not only as a journalist but also a true gearhead with real track experience under her belt. One of the few female editor-in-chiefs of an automotive publication, she deserves recognition for her contribution to the industry and collector car niche.

Sandra Button

photo source: PebbleBeachConcours.net

Serving as the Chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours since 2002 and as its Executive Director prior, Sandra Button has definitely made her mark on the automotive industry. Under her direction, the Concours has grown in influence and reach, attracting the attention and respect of enthusiasts and collectors around the world. In addition, Button has traveled the world to officiate in other concours and car shows, going above and beyond her regular duties.

Cindy Sisson

photo source: http://gsevents.live

Cindy Sisson's most visible current position is Chief Executive Officer of GSEvents, but she has leveraged in-depth marketing expertise to affect the auto industry in countless ways throughout her career. This is clearly demonstrated by her long and impressive resume with positions at entities like Petersen Automotive Museum, Roush Racing, TechForce Foundation, Circuit of the Northwest, and many others. Leveraging her influence, she's helped charitable organizations fund raise and has elevated the careers of countless others in the auto industry.

Donna Robbins

As Chief Executive Officer of Streetside Classics, a large, trusted consignment dealer with 6 locations spanning from Florida to Arizona, Donna Robbins is certainly worthy of considerable respect. That's especially true when you step back to realize she founded Streetside Classics in 2008, forging through a vicious recession with poise while growing her business into the influential force it is today. One of Robbins' keys to success has been to focus on the customer experience, building confidence and trust with collectors.  

Nicole Lawson

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who understands the finer points of classic vehicles and the ever-shifting collector market better than Nicole Lawson. As a Classic Car Consultant at Greensboro Auto Auction (GAA), she has been with the company since its humble beginnings, being instrumental to the one-of-a-kind collector car events. Under her leadership, she was able to pull off a record-breaking sale with a 94% sell-through rate and over $19 million in total sales, which is certainly a commendable result. She helps to run the daily operations of the auction and has taken the lead in technology development, paving the way for the future. And while spending time with her family is a true passion, Lawson yearns for an Eleanor Mustang in her garage.

Tiffany Kruse

In her own words, Tiffany Kruse was literally born into the collector car industry since her father is Daniel Kruse, co-found of Kruse International. Being mentored by one of the best in the industry since she was young certainly set her on the right path. From there she worked in various positions for several auction houses, amassing valuable wisdom. Currently, as Director of Cord & Kruse Auctions she brings to bear that considerable industry experience while helping to influence the next generation of enthusiasts.

Julie Zimmerman

Leveraging years of working with auction houses, Julie Zimmerman brings that knowledge to bear as a Partner at Premier Auction Group. Putting organization and expertise at the forefront, she has helped countless clients feel at ease when placing their vehicle on the auction block. That kind of professional attitude has won the praise of many, building her reputation as she elevates the industry.

Hillary Desneux

photo source: Desneuxmotorsports.com

Sharing a passion of cars with her father, upon graduating from college the next logical step for Hillary Desneux was to start Desneux Motorsports with her father. As Chief Executive Officer, she heads up the family-owned business in the Kansas City area, catering to discerning clients who are looking for high-end exotics, rare classics, and luxury vehicles.  Clientele has grown to both the national and international markets.

We appreciate the effort and dedication from all of the women in the automotive industry, particularly those who share our passion for the collector car niche.

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