85 Car Lot Is Full Of Abandoned Classics

Mar 9, 2022 2 min read
85 Car Lot Is Full Of Abandoned Classics

This incredible automotive graveyard is home to an array of decaying classic cars and a bunch of interesting stories to tell.

We've all heard stories of some of the craziest classic cars to ever be found within the confines of a barn, abandoned warehouse, or field before. Everything from classic Hemi 'Cudas to beaten-up old Chevys has been rediscovered and given new life by the brave enthusiasts willing to go where no one else will. However, it isn't every day that you see someone come across a mass of classic cars by buying the entire lot. Yet, that is precisely what this new owner did, and now he's got 85 different classic cars to choose from. While he may have bought the land for the farm, he got something so much more valuable.

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Right up front, you'll notice a lineup of 1940s Fords and Chevys sitting next to each other after having just been moved. Judging by appearances alone, it's likely that these have been sitting for decades. Of course, not a single car in the lot is in perfect condition, but there is a rumor that one of the vehicles, a 70s lincoln continental, has been kept in enclosed storage for most of its life in a separate building. Apparently, this fascination with the car came from a movie the owner watched called "The French Connection," He fell head over heels. Since then, the vehicle has remained one of the only vehicles on the lotto that does not have visible signs of decay or rust.

It's quite a funny sight to see a bunch of cranes and forklifts picking up the bodies of old forgotten ford sedan and chevy coupes to a new home. Many cars actually had to be cut out of their place due to a massive sum of trees and roots growing up from underneath them. This happens to the old cars we all see lying around in abandoned lots in various states of decay. While it's almost sure that some of these cars will probably be scrapped, we hope that the majority of them find good homes with enthusiasts who will restore and customize them to their liking. We may one day see this fleet of forgotten Chevys, Fords, and Dodges up and running once again.

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