This Corvette Walks On Water

Jan 8, 2024 2 min read
This Corvette Walks On Water

The official supercar of global warming…

Plenty of people have fantasized about driving their car on water. Maybe it was to skip traffic, get away from the cops, or just to go exploring somewhere they couldn’t because they don’t own a boat. Well, this Corvette is designed to give you that kind of experience, only it’s not an amphibious car. Instead, it’s like a small boat that’s made to look like a Corvette or maybe a Ferrari, depending on your automotive persuasion.

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While this looks like a car, it’s really not. Sure, there are headlights, a windshield, steering wheel, gear selector, and even a wiper blade. However, those “wheels” you see are really just part of the hull shaped to look like what you’d see on a car. This isn’t an amphibious vehicle, but those have existed for a long time.

Instead, you get only one pedal to push, the accelerator. To slow down, take your foot off the pedal, kind of like backing off the throttle on a jet ski. From the video, this Corvette thing seems to maneuver similar to a jet ski, although it is wider and longer. But it appears to turn a tight circle, so it looks like an absolute blast to drive.

Unlike a jet ski, it keeps you mostly dry. That’s thanks in part to the windshield and thanks in part to the high, car-like beltline. The only catch is you have to climb into and out of the thing, so that can be awkward for someone who isn’t coordinated.

Some people think this Corvette boat thing looks more like a Ferrari. Considering many a debadged C8 Corvette has been confused for a Ferrari, why not? Just like a C8 or a Ferrari, the engine is located behind the seats. It’s a 1800cc, so not exactly what you’d find in a Ferrari or Corvette, but it’s enough to get this thing moving in a hurry.

Check out the video to see this in action and learn more.

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