Unveiling the Hidden Beast: The 63-½ Galaxie 500 Fastback Transformation

Dec 26, 2023 2 min read
Unveiling the Hidden Beast: The 63-½ Galaxie 500 Fastback Transformation

It's got over 700-horsepower.

In the realm of automotive transformations, Nick's 63-½ Galaxie 500 Fastback stands as a testament to ingenuity and a nod to the past. Recently, Shawn Davis from AutotopiaLA had the opportunity to delve into the details of this extraordinary build at Dean’s SoCal Classic Car Storage, where the car's unassuming exterior masks its radical essence.

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This Galaxie, inspired by Nick's father's low-rider days in the San Fernando Valley, deceives with its seemingly tame exterior. Save for its distinctive wheels and tires, the car gives little away about its remarkable modifications. The interior continues this theme of subtlety, with stock seats and seat belts that belie the monster lurking under the hood. It's only when Nick turns the key that the car reveals its true nature, articulated through the roar of its 3-½-inch exhaust system.

At the heart of this Galaxie is a formidable 460 cubic inch Big Block Ford engine, expanded to an awe-inspiring 520 cubic inches. This engine, paired with a C6 transmission equipped with 4R100 guts, a billet planetary set, and a Coan Performance billet torque converter, delivers a staggering 720 horsepower. The power flows to the rear end through a Strange third-member and 35-spline axles, connected by a Strange chromoly driveshaft.

The car's suspension is as radical as its engine. The rear end is held in place by a Ridetech four-link setup, which Nick admits could benefit from further reinforcement. The front suspension features FatMan Fabrication tubular control arms and Ridetech coilovers, all mounted on a custom-made K-member. The braking system is equally impressive, comprising 6-piston front and 4-piston rear Wilwood brakes, managed by a Wilwood proportioning valve.

Nick's Galaxie, weighing 3,780 lbs, represents a unique blend of raw power and classic aesthetics. Its naturally aspirated big-block engine combined with the timeless appeal of the stock interior creates a breathtaking and rare automotive experience. In a world where restomods are increasingly popular, this Galaxie stands out as a powerful homage to a bygone era, reimagined for the modern enthusiast.

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