The Crossroads of Art, History, Nostalgia and the Automobile.

Jan 12, 2023 2 min read
The Crossroads of Art, History, Nostalgia and the Automobile.

Wayne Stadler takes automotive art to an exponential level.

Kindred spirit Wayne Sadler and the staff travel the road named, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" together. We have always acknowledged the artistic appeal of vehicles left to #RustInPeace but Wayne takes automotive art to an exponential level. Wayne is a self proclaimed nomad who travels North America looking for automotive art through the lens of his camera. Wayne once called "the rustographer" by a friend, now uses the term as his instagram handle.

Abandoned vehicles hold stories that may never be told or if told they are likely to be embellished. The infamous "ran when parked" phrase uttered by owners begs the question, "then why was it parked?" The old truck left in the desert, did it just quit? Was it intentionally parked out of the way? Too expensive to fix at the time, cheaper to replace? There are so many unanswered questions that stir the imagination to fill in the blanks.

Breakdown Blues - Wayne Stadler

If the images of vehicles abandoned aren't what stirs your soul, then maybe the nostalgia of the coolest car on the planet that adorned the walls of a wishful teenager are. The automobile is often referred to as 'Art in Motion' and each generation has it's own view of beauty much like a fashion designer. The puffy sleeves of fifties dresses that correspond to the huge fins of classic American automobiles, the houndstooth print that adorned dresses and automotive interiors in the sixties, bell bottom pants of the seventies and so it goes on through-out the decades. Is there an iconic car (or car poster) that fuels the nostalgia of your youth? The Lamborghini Countach of the 80s, the Ferrari F40of the 90s?

1991 Ferrari F 40

The abandoned vehicles left to #RustInPeace are a strong draw possibly because we see ourselves and the aging process through them or because they bring back memories of our forgotten youth. The automotive enthusiast sees the challenge of what could be and the historian sees what was. Some automobiles shaped the world, others our country and then others our individual lives.

Check out the ever growing inventory of automobile art available at (coupon code 2023Order25); rusted relics from Wayne Stadler and studio photography of American Muscle, Classics, and Foreign Exotics.

Motorious would like to thank for providing great content on vehicles left in fields, barns, wrecking yards, swamps, and backyards that are a homage to days gone by. In some cases there is value to the wreckage left in the boneyard for restoration and then in other cases it's simply the artistic value of the photography. Finding Old Cars is on a mission to give these cars a place in the modern world.

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