Corvette Face Plants Into A Creek

Jan 12, 2023 2 min read
Corvette Face Plants Into A Creek

Hopefully, this driver will be well enough to tell the tale soon.

Recently, there have been a lot of incidents on the road due to the cold weather. We’ve all heard stories of fire fighters dragging drivers from their cars after an unfortunate wreck. However, it’s not often you see a sports car successfully protect its driver in a crash that most would deem terrifying. Well, that’s exactly what happened in the case of this Corvette as its driver was pulled out from an embankment after a crash.

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It’s unclear what could have caused the accident but what we do know is that this Corvette took a turn off the road and into a creek. Rolling down the hill, prices of fiberglass chipped away and bent, especially when the front end hit the ground. Anyone familiar with these cars might typically associate the Corvette as one of the world’s most dangerous sports cars because of its lightweight construction. However, it might surprise you to find out that the driver survived.

As police and rescue operators arrived on scene, the team quickly made their judgements pertaining to the driver’s condition. It must have been a joyful shock to see the person breathing but they still had to rescue them from the embankment. Cutting away parts of the car, rescuers quickly lifted the driver up with a Stokes Basket. It’s unclear what skins of condition they’re in now but thankfully they will live to feel the sun on their face and hear the sound of a V8 once again.

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