Ford Mustang Annihilates Competition

Oct 6, 2023 2 min read
Ford Mustang Annihilates Competition

It's a tough 'Stang.

In the auto world’s approaching epoch, the S650 Ford Mustang series, including EcoBoost, GT, and Dark Horse (plus GTD), will likely emerge as the lone warriors from the golden age of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)-powered pony and muscle cars.

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A somber reminder, indeed, as General Motors and Stellantis are set to decree the end of their iconic Chevy Camaro, Dodge Charger, and Challenger lines post MY2024 and 2023, respectively. Once these models bow out, the revered Mustang will singularly uphold the ICE-powered legacy.

Remarkably, even the formidable 702-horsepower Ram 1500 TRX is rumored to relinquish its 6.2-liter supercharged V8 identity. The whispers surrounding the 2025 model year for the Ram 1500 suggest a mid-cycle transformation with disheartening announcements for the aficionados of 5.7-liter and 6.2-liter Hemi V8 engines. Rumor has it, the robust pickup is to adapt V6 and inline-six Hurricane mills, leaving enthusiasts to relish the V8-powered Mopars while they last.

In the backdrop of these transitions, Drag Racing and Car Stuff channel on YouTube released thrilling footage from Tulsa Raceway Park, Oklahoma. The highlight was a burgundy New Edge Ford Mustang, challenging the formidable Ram 1500 TRX in a duel that reflected the Mustang driver's expertise, evidenced by the parachuted back, securing a 9.61s victory over the 10.85s TRX.

A sequence of equally riveting races followed. One featured a closely contested battle between the New Edge and a likely turbocharged younger Mustang, concluding with remarkable 9.1s versus 9.35s Elapsed Times (ETs)! Subsequently, a confrontation with a gray Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody—possibly of the more aggressive Redeye variant—unfolded.

Unfortunately for Mopar enthusiasts, the intense contest culminated in the New Edge Mustang demonstrating near-flawless performance with a 0.02s reaction time, 9.13s elapsed time, and an astounding 170-mph (274 kph) trap speed. Despite the Dodge owner's competent handling and execution, the figures trailed slightly behind the Blue Oval: 2.27s reaction time, 9.51s elapsed time, and a 146-mph (235 kph) trap speed.

While these fiery skirmishes thrill the spectators and pump adrenaline into the drivers, they also signify the lingering essence of ICE-powered marvels. The palpable tension and the roar of the engines at Tulsa Raceway Park stand testament to the unadulterated power and the enduring spirit of these automotive titans, as they blaze their trails into the annals of motoring history. The competition may have been fierce, and the victory might have been decisive, but the essence of this automotive spectacle transcends beyond mere victories and elucidates the relentless pursuit of motorized excellence.

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