This is pretty much a nightmare…

The devastating toll of Hurricane Ian is really unfolding as people have been let back into areas ravaged by the storm. And while the worst is the loss of life, it’s still awful to see homes and livelihoods ruined by nature. There’s a mixture of the two for popular car YouTuber Adam LZ whose Florida compound where he lives, works, and stores his collection of cars flooded.

Check out the two Mopar wing cars Hurricane Ian took out here.

At first the YouTube star seemed pretty confident about how things were playing out. Even though his property, according to him, basically sits at sea level, the ponds and low-lying areas were doing a sufficient job capturing and managing the excess water. Well, there was the issue of the front gate to the property being essentially cut off by several feet of water. Oh, and the potential for alligators in all the water on the compound sounded like fun. But at least the cars and his house were safe.

As the hurricane-induced rainfall continued, unsurprisingly the water continued to rise, infiltrating some of the numerous storage buildings. However, Adam LZ didn’t seem too concerned since he and his team elevated the most valuable vehicles and items. Sure, some rollers and parts cars sitting out in the open were probably getting soaked, but his many other impressive vehicles were safe and dry.

The only problem was that a Category 4 hurricane dumps a lot of water in coastal areas, more than the YouTuber seemed to anticipate. His team sandbagged the doors on the different storage buildings, but it was still a lot of water.

What they really didn’t seem ready for, and most wouldn’t, was that the flooding seemed to get worse after the hurricane passed. Normally, people assume a nice blue sky means the risk is over, but instead the worst of it was to come thanks to flooding up north triggering a surge of water in his area.

Ultimately, it looks like his prized cars made it through okay, but we’re sure it was a rough few days full of plenty of worry.

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