Wildly Valuable Car Collection Found In Underground Bunker

Sep 21, 2022 1 min read
Wildly Valuable Car Collection Found In Underground Bunker

It’s an expensive find!

In a display of a location we likely have yet to see, this video shows us a world of classic and modern luxury cars thought to have been lost to time. At first you can see some vehicles that are a bit tricky in terms of identifying what they actually are. This was definitely the case for one vehicle that ports Gullwing doors and a unique front facia. Perhaps someone a little more knowledgeable would be able to point out the exact make, year, and model but the shots that we do get of this particular car are difficult to assess. Either way it's something of great significance if not simply because of its rarity then also for its part in the collection.

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Looking around the area, it's clear that the collection was not only limited to vintage models, though the building appears to have been abandoned some time ago. Rather, a majority of these cars are from later years than you might expect, including one Bently which looks like it's from the early to mid 2000s. This raises a lot of questions as to when the collection was left there and why exactly such a massive gathering of cars was abandoned. Despite Europe, especially the UK, seeming to be a sort of hub for internet car finds, you'd be hard pressed to find anything like this on YouTube making it a truly special experience.

Across the small building, you can see many vintage models ranging from the earliest years of automotive production to the last few decades. One of the coolest cars in the entire piece has to be a Formula One car which has been stripped down a bit since its days where it may have once competed. Whether the car actually raced back in the day or not, it's still a ridiculously interesting piece of automotive history. The same could be said about the entire collection in fact as it features some of the world’s best automobiles likely valued in the millions of dollars range.

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