Movie Car Museum Explored

Mar 18, 2024 2 min read
Movie Car Museum Explored

See the cars from Tommy Boy, Cable Guy, Falling Down, and much more.

Television is a compelling medium through which millions of Americans find their passions and entertainment. One particularly iconic genre of the nation's wide variety of movies and television shows is action and comedy films. These films have boasted some of the world's most excellent vehicles ever to hit the big screen, which has been cemented into the hearts of young enthusiasts for decades. These vehicles include the Jurassic Park vehicles, Delorean, and Mystery Machine. But, of course, other than being movie cars, they all have one other thing in common, you can find all of them at this car museum.

See 15 of the most famous movie cars here.

This great institution resides in a magical town, Branson, Missouri. One of the most extraordinary things about this particular showcase is that the museum is wholeheartedly dedicated to retaining fluidity and maintaining its sense of wonder. This is prominently accomplished by changing most of the attractions every half-year or so to keep people coming year after year for the newest and craziest cars. As a result, the halls of this incredible building are filled with thousands of fabulous attractions that catch the eyes of hundreds of on-lookers per year. One of the most extraordinary things about this collection is how it is run, but the show's true stars are the cars themselves.

Within the confines of this beautiful building rests a fantastic duo from the sixth movie in the Fast & Furious franchise. One of the vehicles appears to be a replica Daytona with a side exit exhaust and a beautiful red exterior showing a darker "wine-red" shade. Next to that vehicle sits another car that is a little hard to determine as it sports a unique style. There are also multiple Mystery Machine vans and other famous cartoon cars. Possibly the most exciting vehicle in the museum, however, is the El Camino from the "Breaking Bad" predecessor, "El Camino." This screen car saw tons of action onset of the viral movie and is an iconic symbol to the brand.

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