Watch This Trans Am Depot Gold 455 Super Duty Documentary

Sep 5, 2021 3 min read
Watch This Trans Am Depot Gold 455 Super Duty Documentary

They also made a Trans Am-inspired motorcycle.

Few people have Pontiac Trans Am fever quite like Tod and Scott Warmack. The brothers from Canton, Pennsylvania teamed up with Jim Dowling of Tallahassee, Florida to rock the muscle car world with the modern Super Duty 455 Trans Am and other modern editions of the Trans Am. Those cars have fulfilled many fantasies of what the legendary Pontiac would be like in modern times, which understandably has excited many enthusiasts. That car is sold out, but now you have the chance to scoop the Gold 455 Super Duty Trans Am. Now you can see the amazing new build emerge in the video below.

The Gold 455 Super Duty Trans Am looks excellent all around. It’s a fitting tribute to the Warmack brothers’ late father, Ted, who owned a gold 1978 Pontiac Trans Am. Obviously that car had a huge impact on them, showing how important car selection is for the influence of fathers on children.

Instead of just trying to copy the 1978 car their dad had, they have copied some characteristics and improved on others. For example, the paint has a larger metallic property to it, so the effect is it appears to be more of a copper. But the powder-coated gold wheels are color-matched to the original.

Before you think this bird is some old-school muscle car, it might have throwback looks but it’s definitely a modern machine. It sports carbon-fiber pieces like the hood and trunk lid with some amazing-looking graphics floated right over the weave, which is a cool effect.

Of course, this modern muscle car pushes serious performance. A new Magnuson supercharger force-feeds the V8. While lots of power is great, the fact these cars are manuals makes them even more hardcore. Good luck getting your hands on them, because you’ll likely be looking at paying aftermarket prices once one of the original owners is done, and that most definitely will be big money you’re shelling out. Still, it might be worth it.

You’ll see later in the documentary the Trans Am-inspired motorcycle. These guys definitely have a passion and it’s definitely contagious.

Trans Am Depot of course has a focus on Trans Ams, including restorations, restomods, and these modern editions. They also do other restorations and restomods, like Chevy Corvettes, El Caminos, and Camaros, plus they modify newer American performance cars.

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