Vauxhall Heritage Collection Enters Temporary Storage

Dec 8, 2020 2 min read
Vauxhall Heritage Collection Enters Temporary Storage

We know we have a lot of English readers, as well as a lot of American readers interested in British cars. This one's for you.

Ford has been content to sell cars under their own name in Europe, but General Motors changed things up a bit with Vauxhall and Opel. In 2017, GM sold both brands to PSA in France.

Image Via GM Authority

They still maintain a presence in the UK, however, and at least part of their responsibilities include the care and feeding of dozens of classic Vauxhalls. According to GM Authority, this collection numbers 60 cars that go back as far as 1904. Their document archives go back even further.

Most of the cars in the Vauxhall Heritage Collection have been moved into storage, because the building that housed them has been placed on the market. We're unsure of the ultimate fate of these cars, but it's likely that the collection will live on elsewhere once a suitable facility is located.

Image Via GM Authority

Some of the cars will remain close by and on display for the time being. A selection of 13 cars will be on display at the Stockwood Discovery Centre  in Luton, as part of their "Vauxhall – Made In Luton" exhibit. The exhibit will run through March of next year.

The collection contains a wide variety of cars, from the aforementioned 1904 model to the legendary Vauxhall Lotus Carlton of the early 1990s. In between, you'll find gems like the awe-inspiring 1966 VXR concept car.

Image Via GM Authority

While the entirety of Vauxhall's impressive collection will be unavailable for the time being, representatives have stated that they are committed to preserving the brand's rich heritage. Until a more permanent home is located, you'll be able to see at least a selection of these fascinating historical vehicles on display.

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