Introducing The Tesler Siber Truck

Feb 28, 2022 1 min read
Introducing The Tesler Siber Truck

After years of product development, design, and a hell of a lot of waiting from the public, the Telser Siber Truck is here to destroy the competition!

For the past few decades, Tesla has been in the media for its incredible accomplishments in the automotive world, such as being one of only two American car companies to never go bankrupt. Models such as the Model S and Roadster were pioneers in their field regardless of their shortcomings. However, another all-electric company is putting out some primary league opponents that Elon himself might have to face soon. Of course, we're talking about Tesla's direct competitor and long championed creator of electric vehicles, Tesler!

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Among other incredible models in their vast arsenal, Tesler has recently developed a solution to the famed Cyber Truck. It's called the Siber Truck, and it is quite a stunning creature. While accurate power figures surrounding the truck have yet to be released, this incredible vehicle is estimated to be putting out between 562 horsepower for the base model and nearly 1,200 horsepower to high trim level options. In addition, a set of massive ground-pounding mud tires wrap a collection of tiny wheels(because who needs brakes?) to show off the spectacular offroad performance that this machine holds.

Of course, safety is a big concern for this thing which is precisely why it's got a pillow right in the steering wheel, unlike other cars whose airbag systems often do more harm than good. Who needs to crumble points when this truck is so sleek and sharp that it cuts through anything like butter? One area in which it is totally superior to its Cyber Truck competitor is that this thing's windows won't break if you through a metal ball at it. This is achieved through an ancient technique called "not having windows." Truly this Siber Truck is a masterpiece to behold, but that is to be expected by the Lee Iaccoca of our time, Ginger Billy!

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