The Unique Ford Model A with a Dodge Heartbeat

Feb 20, 2024 1 min read
The Unique Ford Model A with a Dodge Heartbeat

It's a "Fodge".

In a blend that defies conventional muscle car norms, Doug Oswald's Ford Model A drag car stands as a testament to innovation, passion, and personal triumph. Oswald, a figure known for his distinctive approach to car building, has infused his classic Ford Model A with the raw power of a Dodge V8 engine, crafting a vehicle that not only challenges brand loyalties but also represents a pivotal chapter in his life.

Dubbed the "Fodge," Oswald's project car diverges from the traditional muscle car blueprint by housing a 504 cubic-inch Dodge V8 engine under its hood. This powerhouse was meticulously rebuilt and enhanced by Carl McQuillen Engines, transforming the original 440 cubic-inch V8 into a commanding force capable of delivering between 600 to 700 horsepower. Coupled with a Chrysler 727 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission and a robust 4.56 rear axle, the Fodge is equipped to conquer the drag strip with its impressive 35” Goodyear Eagle drag radials.

Oswald's journey with the Fodge is not just about breaking the mold in automotive engineering; it's deeply personal. Twenty-five years ago, Oswald made the life-altering decision to quit drinking, channeling his focus and resources into the creation of this unique drag car. The project not only provided him with a creative outlet but also played a crucial role in his path to sobriety. With an investment of approximately $85,000, Oswald views the Fodge not merely as a financial commitment but as an invaluable companion in his ongoing journey.

The Fodge's narrative is one of breaking barriers, both mechanically and personally. Oswald's choice to merge the robustness of Dodge engineering with the classic appeal of a Ford Model A, and his dedication to using this project as a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle, highlights the transformative power of automotive passion. As Oswald plans to race the Fodge for the rest of his life, this drag car symbolizes resilience, innovation, and the drive to defy expectations on and off the track.

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