The Legend of the Big Red Camaro

Oct 28, 2020 2 min read
The Legend of the Big Red Camaro

This 1969 Camaro might be the most recognizable race car around.

Could this be the most legendary build of all time? Well, that’s a steep claim, but the Big Red Camaro is a serious car. Not only does it churn out 2000-horsepower and have a top speed of a blistering 266-mph, this steel-bodied 1969 Camaro has conquered some serious feats during several racing events. Has this Camaro done it all? Practically.

This versatile first-generation Camaro has set many records, and it would be easier to count the number of events it hasn’t participated in, than the ones that it has. Most race cars are purpose built for a specific type of competition, but try telling that to the Big Red Camaro. It was originally intended to be a road race car, and beat out Ferraris and Mustangs when it won the La Carrera Classic - and also earning itself a ban from the race for being ‘too quick’. But Big Red wasn’t held down as there were plenty of other events to compete in, like the Silver State Classic where it became the record holder with an average speed of 198 mph.

The car’s owner, RJ Gottlieb, explains in the Hoonigan Build Biology video that the fastest Big Red has ever reached has been a blistering 266 mph. The ProCharger supercharged 598ci high-compression engine puts out 2000-horsepower, runs on methanol, and has no electronic engine management software whatsoever.

In addition to the insane power output, and impressive track record, the Big Red Camaro is somewhat of a Phoenix that rose from the ashes when it became engulfed in flames in 2016, which was a result of a loose fitting during a shakedown run at Buttonwillow Raceway in preparation for Pikes Peak. A year later, the iconic Camaro was back and better than ever. It would find its redemption when it would go on to complete the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Source: Hoonigan

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