14-Year-Old Canadian Caught Speeding In Camaro

Mar 24, 2022 2 min read
14-Year-Old Canadian Caught Speeding In Camaro

We hope some serious consequences are coming for this one…

According to the Ontario Provincial Police, a 14-year-old was caught driving 200 kph in an 80 kph zone in Lakeshore. For our American readers, that’s about 124 mph in a 50 mph zone, so he was hauling. Even more importantly it was a kid who’s definitely not old enough to drive behind the wheel. Kids joyriding in cars they shouldn’t be driving is nothing new, but it’s more shocking when they get their hands on something a little more performance-oriented.

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We don’t know where the 14-year-old got the keys to the Camaro or the cojones to take it for a spin. We also don’t know if it was a real Camaro or if it had fewer than eight cylinders. We do know there were two 13-year-old passengers in the car. Going out on a limb, we’re guessing the driver was either trying to impress a girl he likes or was being encouraged to drive like a bat out of hell by his friends.

Luckily, the kid wasn’t so bad at driving that he crashed. At 124 mph he could have easily killed himself, his passengers, and plenty of other people on the road. No doubt he wasn’t thinking about that. 14-year-old brains don’t always focus on what could happen next.

Thankfully, OPP officers spotted the speeding Chevy Camaro and were able to pull it over. The vehicle was impounded and the driver was cited for stunt driving. We can only imagine what the parents of the three kids had to say. They should be facing some stiff consequences to make the teens think, considering they seem to think taking a car on a high-speed jaunt is totally fine.

We just want to ask the Ontario cops one thing: are they down with OPP? We’re sure they got that one a lot back in the 90s. Good times.

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