Tesla Owner Shocked To Find A $9,000 Keying On Side Of Car

Mar 7, 2023 1 min read
Tesla Owner Shocked To Find A $9,000 Keying On Side Of Car

That's gonna be hard to explain in court…

Alright, there seems to be something going on between purist muscle car lovers and Tesla drivers/enthusiasts. Basically, the two groups hate each other as the Tesla people seem to think of old timers as washed up and out of date while those classic car enthusiasts see tesla-people as annoying and snooty. Maybe you don't like Teslas for one reason or another, god knows there are a lot of reasons, but what's even more snooty than looking down at classic car enthusiasts is one of those same enthusiasts keying a car just because they don't like it.

See a Tesla burned in California here.

You heard that right, police are currently on the hunt for a man who took a set of keys to the side of a Tesla for what seems to be no reason. In the video, the guy is seen wearing a shirt that reads “American Muscle Cars” while he stares intently at the electric vehicle. For a moment, it looks like he might be admiring the car but it soon becomes clear that the man is quite salty to say the least. So, like any logical person would, he took a key and ran it across the body which caused a ridiculous amount of damage.

In total, around $9,000 worth of damage was quoted by the body shop that's handling the issues for the owner. It's pretty reasonable to assume the shop might be embellishing the price a bit but the point still stands that there was a lot of damage done to the car. All of this was caught on Camera, something that police have said will make a great case when they find the guy. Overall, it's a crazy circumstance that points out some of the worst aspects of puris culture and muscle car people like you and I must stand up and say that that behavior is just not ok.

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