Steve McQueen Green R-Code Mustang Found

Jul 18, 2022 2 min read
Steve McQueen Green R-Code Mustang Found

It could use a little love...

On the exterior of this beautiful '68 Mustang, you'll find a McQueen green paint which harkens back to the bays of exotic colors and movie car icons. True American sports car enthusiasts will recognize this color as the same one featured in the movie Bullitt. Scenes of cars that looked just like this one barrelling through narrow straits and challenging similarly powerful muscle cars with their lightweight design and more petite body carved a space in every enthusiast's heart for a McQueen Green driving machine. But, of course, they were a pretty rare find even when brand new, and today it's one of the most desirable color schemes available on the classic car market.

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Despite its rarity and high value, this car has undoubtedly seen many better days, preferably lacking an abundance of rust and dust. The body is obviously in pretty rough shape though dents are instead to see if there are any. However, many good attributes are featured throughout the vehicle, which should intrigue any car lover to the point of considering restoring the old beast. One particularly enticing trait of this car is its classification as an R-Code Mustang, a welcome sight for many. Primarily about the engine, this signal for performance is widely recognized as one of the Ford Mustang's most desirable codes.

Under the hood sits a substantial 428 cubic inch, whose incredibly high output stunned many enthusiasts in the late 1960s. Around 335 horsepower was said to flow through this ridiculous engine, making it a ridiculous figure in its day. Now the 'Stang sits in a garage collecting dust without much driving and very little maintenance. Years, possibly decades, have turned the pony car into something that will likely not be road-ready for quite some time. That's why Dennis Collins, a well-known collector of these vehicles, has decided to rescue the old Mustang from its dark tomb to get it back on the road again someday.

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