Florida Man Takes Date On Police Chase

Sep 17, 2022 1 min read
Florida Man Takes Date On Police Chase

That’s incredibly romantic…

Florida Man really knows how to show women a good time, among many other things. That’s evident when news broke of 22-year-old Taylor Beverly getting arrested after he treated his unnamed date to a police chase. To make that event more exhilarating, he did the pursuit on a 2017 Suzuki motorcycle (we’re sorry, no reports specify which model, and that’s the exasperating thing about non-automotive news outlets).

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We can only imagine how impressed the young lady was with Beverly’s riding skills. The chase began when the man ran a red light and Clearwater officers tried to pull him over for the violation. Rather than just comply, the guy thought it would be better to make a run for it, probably figuring his bike could gap the cops big and he would slip away, convincing his date that he’s “the one.”

During the chase, Beverly pushed his Suzuki to “well over 100 mph” as he weaved through traffic. For good measure, he blew through a few more red lights, because if you’re already running from the cops you won’t be charged for violating any additional laws.

For whatever reason, Beverly finally stopped at an intersection and that’s when police were able to take him into custody. Under questioning, the man claimed he was trying to impress his date. Shockingly, it doesn’t seem to have worked. The woman told officers she was screaming at Beverly the whole time to stop. This was a first date, so he shouldn’t expect a second.

Beverly was taken to the county jail but later posted bail. He still has to go before a judge to explain his actions, which likely won’t go well at all. What’s more, the police report indicates the motorcycle’s tag wasn’t visible, which initially earned the police’s attention. The officer also noted Beverly turned back and made eye contact with officers, so he can’t claim he had no idea they were trying to stop him.

Source: The Smoking Gun

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