Seinfeld, Leno Parking Lot Car Meet Throttled By The Law

Nov 3, 2021 3 min read
Seinfeld, Leno Parking Lot Car Meet Throttled By The Law

Comedians in cars getting kicked out of parking lots…

The landlords who rent retail space at a high-end shopping center in Malibu, California have decided enough is enough with Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and other Porsche enthusiasts meeting up in their parking lot. Reportedly, a friend of the famous comedians, who are both huge gearheads, say they’re being treated like the “MS-13 of Malibu” as the landlords have called in the police to clear the car enthusiasts.

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Likely you’ve experienced something similar in the past. Even if you try to be respectful when meeting with other friends who have cool cars, some people view you as outlaws wanting to burn down the entire town. Apparently, this is something which happens to even the rich and famous.

Reportedly, Seinfeld, Leno, and their Porsche-loving friends have been meeting up the Malibu Kitchen regularly for breakfast on Sundays for 20 years without any trouble. What changed was all the government-imposed lockdown measures in California. With people bored out of their ever-living minds, word spread of the low-key gathering and the crowd ballooned to the point the landlords decided it was a nuisance.

You really can’t blame all these car enthusiasts who were sick of everything being closed for flocking to some of the only fun to be had in California. After all, the beaches were shut down and all sorts of other ridiculous measures. But what was an intimate gathering of Porsche enthusiasts in the area exploded into a circus of just about every type of gearhead, including the most annoying out there.

As the crowd grew, landlords hired private security to try keeping parking spots available for paying customers. That’s understandable, but the situation apparently was so bad the landlords felt compelled to next call the police. One has to wonder if some more innovative measures could have alleviated the problems, but without all the details of the situation that’s an impossible question to answer thoroughly.

One person who works at Marmalade Café was interviewed by Daily Mail, claiming the car meet has “ruined our business.” However, this person also admitted that containment measures like erecting barriers at the entrance of the parking lot until 10 am has actually made the problem worse. It’s almost like government intervention often comes with unintended consequences nobody likes.

A business owner told Daily Mail the problem isn’t Leno, Seinfeld, and some of the other long-time attendees. Instead, it’s guys who show up, don’t patronize any of the business, then hang out for hours on end with their hood raised. Unfortunately, that means those who aren’t part of the problem are getting treated like they are.

YouTuber effspot has attended the gathering since before it became popular. He published a video about the change last year, titled “From Classy To Trashy: Malibu’s Impromptu Car Meet Gone Wrong.” Obviously, the guy isn’t a fan of all the newcomers and their behavior, which you can see in the video included with this article.

Seinfeld doesn’t seem shocked in the least the gathering has become so popular. “Spike Feresten and I invented driving to Malibu Kitchen in a cool car to get coffee 20 years ago,” he told Daily Mail. “I'm not surprised the idea has taken over the entire city.”

Check out effspot’s video if you want to see what all the hubbub is about (warning: language).

Source: Daily Mail

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