Rivian R1T Takes A Roll In The Hay

Sep 5, 2023 2 min read
Rivian R1T Takes A Roll In The Hay

Kind of...

In a scene far removed from showrooms and urban landscapes, a 2022 Rivian R1T found itself quite literally sideways after a sudden rollover accident on a farm. The incident raises eyebrows and perhaps even alarms for the self-proclaimed adventure-ready electric vehicle. Rivian has marketed the R1T as a groundbreaking pickup for the modern age, but an account of its unforeseen accident suggests the pickup is still susceptible to the laws of physics, even if it defies the norms of the automotive industry.

The accident occurred on the sprawling agricultural grounds of the owner's parents' farm, precisely where you would expect an off-road capable pickup to shine. The owner, who shared his tale of caution on the ‘Rivian Automotive Fans’ Facebook page, warns potential enthusiasts and critics alike: “these trucks will roll easier than you’d expect them to.”

What adds an extra layer of irony is the owner’s acknowledgment that the rollover happened so swiftly, he didn’t even have the time to fasten his seatbelt. Of course, a tech-savvy vehicle like the R1T would not be outdone by this basic oversight, promptly deploying its airbags to cushion the owner's tumble.

Following the incident, Rivian dispatched two engineers to the crash site to study the pickup's sudden sideways detour. Whether this is due diligence or a hasty face-saving exercise, it's clear that the manufacturer is taking the event seriously. Early speculation suggests that long grass and soft ground might be the culprits, which begs the question—shouldn't an "adventure vehicle" be prepared for such elements?

Photos from the crash site show considerable damage to both sides of the R1T, not to mention its roof and hood. The shattered windshield merely completes the woeful portrait of a vehicle tottering between innovation and reality. While it’s too soon to estimate the extent of the damage to the vehicle’s powertrain, the listing from IAAI's Charlotte, North Carolina, branch puts the actual cash value of the electric pickup at a cool $96,503. Whether the auction price reflects its sudden rise to internet fame or the steep cost of adventure gone wrong remains to be seen.

Rivian’s entire brand ethos is centered around building adventure-ready electric vehicles that challenge the status quo. But as this incident unfurls, the automaker finds itself in an uncomfortable position: assuring buyers that its flagship vehicle doesn't challenge the basic tenets of gravity and stability more than is absolutely necessary.

The entire episode serves as a wake-up call not just for Rivian but for the increasingly buoyant electric vehicle market. As much as we'd like to believe otherwise, high-tech electric pickups can’t evade the mundane vulnerabilities that affect all vehicles—like the simple act of rolling over when you least expect it. Welcome to the real world, Rivian.

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