Jennifer Lopez Is Now Driving Around In A Rivian SUV

Jan 18, 2023 1 min read
Jennifer Lopez Is Now Driving Around In A Rivian SUV

Hollywood elite actors are starting to really go full throttle with this whole electric car thing and it’s actually starting to seem pretty cool. While most brands are starting to roll back their various promises of electrification, Rivian can’t really afford for electric cars to fail. That’s exactly why there’s so much talk about one famous actress picking up a Rivian SUV for herself.

We're of course talking about Jennifer Lopez, a woman whose every breath seems to come off as a controversial statement to some. You might remember her recent marriage to Ben Affleck, an arguably iconic star in the movie making world. Recently, Affleck picked up a couple of pretty interesting electric vehicles such as his electric classic Ford Bronco and the Rivian Bennifer was spotted in.

It may seem a little difficult to read where the story is on this one but if you think about it, it mostly pertains to the marketing of electric vehicles. As more and more manufacturers are giving up on electric cars, mostly because most people don’t like electric automobiles, brands like Rivian need more attention to stay afloat. Perhaps these celebrities will have enough influence to get their fans interested. Until then we’ll just have to wait to find out.

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