Not smart.

A costly street race between a Ferrari 488 Pista and a Tesla Model S P100D ended in disaster for the Ferrari's owner, who found himself staring at a $140,000 repair bill and a denied insurance claim.

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The dramatic face-off unfolded on the streets of China and was caught on camera by the Tesla's onboard cameras, later uploaded to the YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam. In the high-octane video, the cherry-red Ferrari 488 Pista and the Tesla Model S are seen jockeying for position. They both punch the gas at a green light, flying neck-and-neck down the roadway.

A Battle of Horsepower vs. All-Wheel Grip

The Tesla Model S P100D, boasting all-wheel drive, had the upper hand in maintaining road grip. The Ferrari 488 Pista, with its power directed only to the rear wheels, wasn't so fortunate. Mid-race, the rear wheels of the Italian exotic lost traction. The result? A disastrous slide to the right, culminating in a wince-inducing collision with a light pole.

The Financial Toll

Photos of the Ferrari's post-crash condition show a vehicle that's far from its former glory. The front bumper was torn away, headlights shattered, and according to estimates, this Italian tragedy will cost upwards of $140,000 to repair.

Insurance: The Plot Twist

But the owner's bad luck didn't end there. In a shocking twist, the insurance company denied the claim for damages. The reason? When initially insuring the vehicle, the owner had provided photos with blurred license plates, thus voiding the insurance contract.

It remains unclear whether the insurance company's decision was influenced by the race footage, which could arguably be an additional breach of policy terms.

A High-Speed Lesson in Due Diligence

As it stands, the Ferrari owner is left with a battered car, a hefty repair bill, and a lesson in the importance of both driving responsibly and understanding the terms of your insurance policy. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model S P100D presumably lives to grip another day, with this incident serving as a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when road rivalry meets a lack of preparation.

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