Richard Hammond Talks Struggles With The Smallest Cog

Apr 26, 2024 2 min read
Richard Hammond Talks Struggles With The Smallest Cog

Running a business may be stuff but he’s willing to make it work…

It’s unclear whether Richard Hammond hopes to make The Smallest Cog, his shop, his primary source of income at any point near the future. However, it’s something he’s passionate about and because of that he’s more than willing to do what it takes to keep the shop from dying, within reason. Recently, fans have been asking whether pouring a bunch of his own money into the shop every month is really worth the reward. So what is going on with Richard Hammond's classic car restoration business?

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If you know much of anything about the classic car restoration business or custom car building then you might already understand that it is a very difficult industry to make any money in. First of all, there aren’t really that many classic car owners out there and your level of success will highly vary depending on Your location. On top of that, it’s not like after your car has been restored it needs to be restored again so the big way shops make money is by servicing the vehicles, something classic cars will never be out of a need for. Regardless of the cost, Richard Hammond is constantly looking for new ways to improve his business model and hopefully he can make it a full-time gig given enough time.

One of the major things that Richard Hammond brought to the table in his business arrangement was his incredible star power. That’s right, it wasn’t all about the money and in fact it made a pretty enjoyable TV show. When describing the entire ordeal, at least when it comes to the financial aspect of things, how many describe it sort of like a wrestling match because, despite his great presence on the television screen, he’s not made out of money and he’s trying to keep the business afloat and eventually reducing its own. For now, it seems like the show might not be making much of any money but as he points out, he’ll make it work. It really is only a matter of time.

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