Richard Hammond Reacts To His Many Accidents

Jan 30, 2023 2 min read
Richard Hammond Reacts To His Many Accidents

Lots of funny crashes and lots of scary ones, Richard Hammond has done it all.

Richard Hommond is one of the most prominent figures in all of car culture. Playing a major role on the hit tv show, Top Gear, he made a name for himself by being surprisingly competent despite his goofy demeanor. However, there were a lot of fun crashes that took audiences by surprise when Hammond inevitably survived with a smile on his face. Recently, a video has come out showing the reaction to some of his best crashes and it is hilarious.

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First of all, the video starts off with a short clip of wincing and groaning at the sight of some pretty startling incidents. The first few clips show some off camera mishaps as well as one in which he seemingly crashed purposefully or just completely understood. After that, retreated to his backing up of a Chevrolet Silverado pick up track into a car that Jeremy Clarkson was driving. Of course, there’s also quite a few videos out there depicting crashes that happen well He and the team were driving boats, not exactly their specialty.

Then, things start getting really good as you watch Hammond drive a taxi straight through a mobile home. One of the scarier crashes that the man has ever stood stand was one in which he drove a Remak off the side of the Clift by accident. It’s easy to see that some of these wrecks were a little staged but when Richard took that dive, it was clear that nobody had planned for such a thing to have happened. Oversteering off of the corner, Richard‘s car flew off of the road and fell over 300 feet before landing upside down and shortly catching on fire. Thankfully, he was completely fine, except for the super broken leg, and escaped with his life. Over the years, the car icon has been through a lot of insane injuries along his journey to become one of the most highly respected people within the car community. It is that which made him the man he is today.

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