Inside Richard Hammond's Secret Car Barn

Mar 6, 2023 1 min read
Inside Richard Hammond's Secret Car Barn

Did you know he had a secret garage?

If you know much about Richard Hammond, or any of the guys from Top Gear, you’ll know that he’s a real car guy. It was always clear from watching his blatant excitement and boastful love for American cars and the roaring V-8 engines that he even picked out a nice sub genre of classic cars that he called his favorite. Well we may have all seen some pretty impressive automobiles on the various TV shows and social media exposes Hammond has done on his cars oh there is one place that remained hidden until very recently. So what is this sanctuary of classic cars owned by Richard Hammond?

See Richard Hammond react to his accidents here.

Well, probably the most exciting of the bunch is the 1968 Ford mustang fastback. Even though it’s painted green, Richard made it perfectly clear that this was no Bullitt tribute car. It just so happened that this was the color initially chosen for the vehicle and it was so strikingly spectacular that it became an icon synonymous with the first to use it on the big screen. Under the hood you’ll find a massive 390 cubic inch V8 engine, which has also likely been the source of a lot of fun over the years.

However, that wasn’t the star's only amazing vehicle that he kept hidden from the general public. He also has this neat little Peugeot pick up truck that most people wouldn’t even know existed until now. Reportedly, Richard has a lot of plans for that vehicle in the near future and it may even end up in one of his many new projects. It seems almost obvious that this man was a real car guy but showing off his collection personally feels like he’s showing the world he can be that off of the television screen too.

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