The man stays busy!

Fans of Richard Hammond, renowned for his work on "Top Gear," can once again immerse themselves in his world of classic car restoration with the third series of "Richard Hammond's Workshop." Set in the picturesque Herefordshire, the series offers an insider's view into the Smallest Cog, Hammond's prestigious classic car restoration and repair business located in Rotherwas, Hereford.

See Richard Hammond react to his accidents here

The new series, available for streaming on Discovery+ from October 23, promises to delve deeper into the intricacies of breathing new life into vintage cars. The show not only features Hammond but also brings in Neil, Anthony, and Andrew Greenhouse, who play significant roles in the operations of the Smallest Cog. In a trailer released for the show, Hammond is seen expressing his passion for his venture, referring to it as "another day in the factory of dreams."

However, the series also highlights the challenges of running such a specialized business. A notable moment in the trailer shows Hammond's interaction with his accountant, Kamala, who points out financial constraints, especially when an invoice comes in at "double our budget." Despite the financial hurdles, Hammond insists on maintaining the highest standards of style and panache in their restorations, underlying the tension between creative vision and financial realities.

The third series introduces new faces, including junior mechanic Isaac and office manager Sophie, adding fresh dynamics to the show. In one of the episodes, viewers will witness Hammond embarking on a detective-like quest to restore a unique Delahaye accurately. This storyline underscores the meticulous attention to detail and historical accuracy that classic car restoration demands.

"Richard Hammond's Workshop" not only showcases the technical and mechanical aspects of car restoration but also dives into the emotional and human elements involved in reviving these timeless machines. It's a series that blends the nostalgia of classic cars with the realities of modern business, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful Herefordshire countryside.

For fans of classic cars and Richard Hammond alike, this series is a journey into the world of automotive restoration, presenting both its joys and challenges. With its blend of technical expertise, personal passion, and business acumen, the third series of "Richard Hammond's Workshop" is poised to be a captivating watch.

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