Camaro Driver Pulled Over Twice Within Minutes

Dec 9, 2023 1 min read
Camaro Driver Pulled Over Twice Within Minutes

If at first you don’t succeed…

Some people just don’t learn lessons easily, even when doing it the hard way. That’s the only rational explanation we can provide for why a Chevy Camaro driver was pulled over in North Las Vegas, Nevada twice in the same night, actually just moments apart, picking up two citations for reckless driving. Or maybe it’s just same people never learn at all.

A speeding driver in Las Vegas killed 9 in an awful crash earlier this year. Learn the details here.

North Las Vegas Police posted about the incidents on Twitter. Both traffic stops happened on the night of July 15. The first time around, the guy was pulled over for doing 73 mph in a 35 mph zone. Just moments after being issued a reckless driving citation for more than doubling the speed limit, he was pulled over going 106 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Thankfully, after pulling the same guy over twice for pushing into the triple digits, officers arrested him. If they hadn’t we bet there would’ve been a third traffic stop if not a horrendous crash. We’ve seen too many fatal collisions because someone decided to blast through an intersection at speeds which would be scary even on a highway.

Since the guy was arrested, we think it’s safe to assume the Camaro was also impounded. That means he’ll have fines for both citations, plus bail, and quite the impound fee to pay when he eventually gets out of the slammer. But the fun isn’t over there since he’ll need to appear before a judge, explain his actions, and possibly face even more consequences for his actions.

Really, the lesson here is if you get caught speeding, cool it for a while. Trying to double your speed from the traffic stop you just left won’t end well.

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