Jetboat Uses Nissan Skyline GT-R Power

Oct 10, 2021 2 min read
Jetboat Uses Nissan Skyline GT-R Power

For when you need to make your getaway on the open water…

If you’re wanting a cool, fast, but not too-flashy boat, might we suggest taking a look at this RB30 Skyline GT-R-powered jetboat. For sale in New Zealand, it’s quite the build. Unlike the notorious ZR48 Corvette boat we covered as it outran the cops, this thing flies more under the radar.

Watch an R34 GT-R play in Tokyo here.

Sure, the boat looks nice and it’ll definitely impress your friends, but it’s a little bit of a sleeper. According to the owner, the hull was built by Tony Ward (formerly Kwikcraft). As you can see from the photos, the two-tone gray and silver appearance is nice, but there’s nothing indicating something wild lurks under the engine cover in the rear. At 15.5 feet long, the boat is a good size for a nice time out on the water.

This RB30 has been built and tuned to increase displacement to 3.4 liters. There’s a long list of everything done to this engine, from a 3.4L Spool Billet 94mm Crank installed to a Borg Warner 9180 EFR turbo bolted up. It’s clear the owner put a lot of time and money into this project, something he says has taken over 10 years to complete. Why he’s willing to part with it after all that isn’t clear.

With all those upgrades, this engine puts out some pretty solid figures, as you might imagine. Using a dyno, as they even show in the video, this boat is pushing 914-horsepower and 791 lb.-ft. of torque. As you’ll also see, that power lets the boat go from cruising at a nice speed to absolutely ripping through the water, sending a nice rooster tail behind.

According to the listing, the engine has only been used on about 10 outings on the water, so it should be pretty solid. The owner includes a photo of his Nissan Skyline GT-R hooked up to the boat trailer. Has he used Godzilla to tow his Godzilla-powered boat? If so, that’s pretty wild and bold.

Check out the listing for yourself here. Also, be sure to watch the video and hear the RB30 sing.

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