Street Shutdown Participant Pantsed By A Mustang

Aug 30, 2022 2 min read
Street Shutdown Participant Pantsed By A Mustang

Then it stole his lunch money…

Street takeovers are all about throwing caution to the wind and sticking it to authority, but sometimes that recklessness costs participants big. Case in point: a guy who was close to the action during a takeover event in Sacramento, California was not only run over by a Ford Mustang as he tried filming right next to the car turning smokey donuts, the rear drive wheels pantsed him right in front of the crowd.

Check out a street takeover that ended with a crash here.

If you’ve watched many videos of street takeovers, which we unfortunately have, you know behavior at these events is shockingly juvenile. Spectators will often laugh and jeer when cars crash and don’t seem very phased if a vehicle veers into a crowd as long as they aren’t hurt. That said, this is by far the most hilarious thing we’ve seen at a street takeover.

Quite frankly, the guy who was ran over is lucky it was a Mustang and not a portlier Dodge Challenger or Charger. He might not have escaped just with his tightie whities exposed to the crowd, earning himself some embarrassing nicknames and memorable memes which will live on forever. Actually, if you look closely in the video, the guy was doing a Cosmo Kramer, getting out there and loving every minute of it, until he got pantsed by a car.

Just like after crashes at these events, everyone rushed over with their phones recording to get a closeup shot of the unfortunate victim. It’s like Jackass has become real life for too many in Gen Z. It’s common for spectators to stand in the middle of the circle where cars are “turning tricks” or doing burnouts, drifting, etc. to get closeup shots. After all, it’s all about getting more cred on Instagram and TikTok.

Images via Instagram

Warning: video NSW

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