Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Silverado Turns Heads

Aug 15, 2021 2 min read
Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Silverado Turns Heads

What do you think of this truck?

One of the most influential muscle cars to ever roll down an American street, the Trans Am has transcended the untimely death of the Pontiac brand. We see its spirit live on, whether through Chevy Camaro conversions, a Ferrari F40 made to look like one, or this Chevy Silverado. While the truck is a departure from what you might expect from a Trans Am, it has the iconic Bandit Edition look everyone goes crazy over.

Check out the aftermath of a Trans Am shop fire here.

Created by Jarvis of Jays Customs, this is one wild ride. It has everything from the snowflake wheels to the gold screaming chicken on the hood. After all, it wouldn’t be much of a Trans Am tribute vehicle without those details.

image credit: YouTube

Speaking of details, Jays Customs paid attention to even the smallest things. For example, there are Pontiac, Trans Am, and Firebird emblems everywhere. The black interior features gold stitching for the seats and door armrests. They even went so far as to install a starlight headliner for that perfect dramatic effect.

image credit: YouTube

The one thing this Trans Am truck is missing is more power. An engine upgrade is coming, because to properly honor a past muscle car, this pickup needs to really scoot. We fortunately live in the day and age of performance trucks, so that’s not such a wild concept. We’re not sure just how much power this Silverado will be pushing once they’re done with it, but hopefully it will roast tires aplenty and be able to make that epic beer run ahead of the cops.

image credit: YouTube

Check out this Pontiac Trans Am Band Edition Silverado in the video and let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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