Phoenix Vandal Cuts Brake Lines On Multiple Cars

Feb 2, 2022 2 min read
Phoenix Vandal Cuts Brake Lines On Multiple Cars

This is incredibly scary!

Unfortunately, there are vandals out there who just can’t stand that others have something they don’t. Sometimes they strike out at cars, keying them, slashing tires, breaking windows, etc. However, a vandal in Phoenix, Arizona took things a few steps further as he cut the brake lines on multiple cars in a neighborhood. This stunt could have easily ended in a serious road fatality.

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Imagine putting you car in gear, then pushing the brake pedal only to feel it plunge to the floor with zero resistance. That’s exactly what happened to Rachel Leinson recently. She narrowly missed hitting a brick wall after pulling her Jeep Wrangler out of its parking spot at her apartment complex near 28th Street and Indian School Road. Thinking quickly, she pulled the emergency brake, which stopped the car before she crashed into anything.

The tow truck driver asked if she just dumped her boyfriend or has any mortal enemies because he noticed someone cut all four brake lines on her vehicle. Leinson was horrified but couldn’t think of anyone who would want her dead.

After calling police and talking with neighbors using he Nextdoor app, Leinson learned she wasn’t the only one targeted. She didn’t specify now many other victims there have been, but they seem to all have been in the same general area of Phoenix.

In grainy surveillance footage in a neighborhood near N 10th and Glendale we see the apparent suspect hobbling along on crutches in the middle of the night. He’s walking towards a car parked by the road, which he vandalizes, cutting the brake lines.

When a local reporter reached out to the Phoenix Police Department for comment, a spokesperson said the brake line cutting doesn’t seem to be a trend. In other words, it would seem this is all being done by one person, but nobody is putting out a theory about why. Police are still investigating and hopefully they find the culprit soon, before someone dies.

Source: 12 News

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