Oregon Cops Pull A 2017 Dodge Challenger Out Of A River

Jul 10, 2023 2 min read
Oregon Cops Pull A 2017 Dodge Challenger Out Of A River

You could say it was a whopper of a catch…

We’ve seen people haul all kinds of big fish out of rivers, including some rather deteriorated cars and trucks. But we were shocked to see Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon pulled a relatively clean-looking 2017 Dodge Challenger from the Umpqua River back on June 23.

Check out an infamous flying car stunt from back in the day here.

If you’ve ever sat at a boat ramp and watched people launch as well as retrieve watercraft, you can probably imagine how back on May 8 this Mopar muscle car ended up rolling down one and into the water. Deputies arrived after someone called for help only to find the vehicle had been swept down the river and was fully submerged.

While nobody was hurt, we’re sure the ego of the person who let the car go into the water was fatally injured. It would be great to see video of exactly how that happened, just for laughs and of course educational purposes.

Finding a vehicle in the middle of a good-sized lake that isn’t exactly crystal clear can prove to be quite difficult. It took deputies over a month to locate the Dodge Challenger with the help of the office’s dive team.

Once found, extracting a sunken car is a task. After all, the water alone makes it incredibly heavy and with it inside the vehicle, works against buoyancy. It looks like the dive team came prepared with inflation bags and a tow truck, but we’ve seen this work done many times and it’s still quite the process.

Now the Dodge Challenger isn’t sleeping with the fishies any longer we have to wonder, who will buy it? If insurance paid out for it, we might see it hit Copart or a competitor, but the problems of spending even just a month underwater are going to be severe.

Images via Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

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