Plymouth Road Runner Has A Hellcat Heart

Mar 12, 2022 1 min read
Plymouth Road Runner Has A Hellcat Heart

What a Mopar!

Purists might not like restomods, but we’re fans of mixing the latest in performance technology with the classic looks of an old muscle car. That’s exactly what the Hellrunner is all about. This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner uses a Hellcrate engine and some other upgrades for performance that’s well beyond what it had when new. It took 2 years and about 4,000 man hours to finish this build, but the end result is something unique and amazing.

According to Fast Freddies Rod Shop, which built the Hellrunner, this muscle car is pumping out 765-horsepower. That’s an entirely believable number for the engine and we’re sure they could push it further, but the shop wanted this muscle car to be something one could drive on the street as well as the track.

To make this modified Road Runner drivable in traffic and enjoyable to toss around on the track, it features a F56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission. There’s also a RAM twin-disc clutch to handle all that power.

An RMS suspension helps the driver keep control of the Hellrunner, but without being jarred by every bump in the road. A 9-inch rear with 35 spline axles and a Wavetrac differential help put all that power to the road, instead of it being lost to wheelspin.

We like that Fast Freddies Rod Shop decided to keep the look of the Road Runner appropriately simple, instead of going for all kinds of crazy aero mods and such. The orange paint, black wheels, white letter tires, and those LED halo headlights make a stronger statement than some flames and skulls graphics or some other nonsense.

If you watch the video, you get to see the Hellrunner in action. The fact these guys actually track the car and don’t just take it to shows is great, because far too often potent builds are kept as trailer queens and nothing more.

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