Nude Lamborghini Countach Pulls Six Digits

Oct 21, 2021 3 min read
Nude Lamborghini Countach Pulls Six Digits

Sadly, this isn’t a joke…

Some builds are just so bizarre you not only can’t stop looking at them just like a horrific train wreck, some people feel compelled to pay big bucks to own them. That’s about the only explanation we have for why this United Nude Lo-Res Lamborghini Countach concept sold recently on Bring A Trailer for a whopping $111,111. After all, this thing makes the Tesla Cybertruck look like it has a highly sophisticated vehicle design.

Check out a vintage Harley-Davidson designed to ride from the sidecar here.

Like a cross between a wedge of cheese and an avant-garde translucent computer mouse, there’s honestly nothing beautiful or compelling about this Nude Lamborghini Countach. You’re probably sitting here racking your brain about why this is even called a Lamborghini, so we’ll explain the really weird reason.

A few years ago, footwear company United Nude commissioned 4 prototype vehicles be made for marketing purposes. Company founder Rem D. Koolhaas drew the concept design himself, and probably because nobody wanted to lose their job, it was roundly accepted and even celebrated. It’s supposed to be a low-resolution version of the Lamborghini Countach, which if you squint really hard while hitting your head with a brick a few times, it starts to look like one. But please, don’t actually try that because it would be idiotic.

Bad vehicle design just screams for weird materials, so this thing has clear tinted polycarbonate body panels on surprisingly traditional steel chassis. There’s a single light bar in the front instead of headlights, while very importantly the United Nude stylized logo is lit up on the nose, plus there’s another light bar in the rear for the taillights. It’s all very sophisticated like stapling a banana peel to a wall and you just wouldn’t understand “real” art like this anyway.

The whole top portion of the car lifts up in a canopy design to allow access to the tandem seats. Unfortunately, the driver has to manage a hexagonal steering wheel, which must be super comfortable but it looks avant-garde and that’s all that apparently matters.

Just like a real Lamborghini Countach, this thing is powered by a 5-kilowatt electric motor, which uses a single-speed transmission for blistering acceleration. Actually, we’re sure this is no speed demon and it would be extra scary if it were, but nobody buys such a thing for performance or its good looks.

The Petersen Automotive Museum bought this “work of art” about 3 years ago and is probably thankful it offloaded the thing for a pretty penny. We genuinely hope the new owner cherishes the low-res car, which obviously isn’t street legal and is a total abomination.

Check out the Bring A Trailer listing here.

Photos credit: Bring A Trailer, United Nude

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