1970 Mustang Boss 429 Auctions For Big Money

Jun 21, 2022 2 min read
1970 Mustang Boss 429 Auctions For Big Money

And this didn’t take place at some high-end auction house event, either…

When we first head a Grabber Blue 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429 sold for an eye-watering $442,000 we immediately started wondering which big auction house scored such a sale. After all, even for a 429 Boss that’s a hefty chunk of change. Then we found out the auction wasn’t done by anyone big, at least not in the automotive sphere, because Big Iron hosted the event.

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If you don’t know, Big Iron does a lot of farm equipment, livestock, and farmland auctions. Considering the auction in question was recently held at the Buffalo County Fairground in Kearney, Nebraska it all seems fitting, especially since the vehicles auctioned off were barn find muscle cars.

The ’70 429 Boss Mustang in question apparently sat in a shed for almost 50 years, collecting that good ol’ Nebraska farm dust. It along with 16 other rare cars were auctioned off, all of them collected by the late “Butch” Siebenaler of Sumner. The man reportedly was quite the gearhead, using his spare time to find and restore rare vehicles. After he died of a heart attack last year, family arranged through the help of Big Iron to get them to people who would appreciate the cars for what they are.

For LeRoy Johnson, buying the 429 Boss is a dream come true. He and his wife Amy eagerly loaded it onto their trailer as he told a local journalist of his plans to take the pony car on the highway to “see what it does.” Instead of the Mustang being sold to an investor who would just park it in a secured storage facility, maybe look at it once a year, and that’s it, the classic Ford has gone to someone who will really enjoy what he has.

Source: News Channel 21

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