Comedian Rowan Atkinson has quite the collection…

By now you might know Rowan Atkinson, the British comedian most famous for his role as Mr. Bean, is a huge gearhead. Recently, the man unloaded one of the many cars in his collection, making quite the tidy sum off it, demonstrating he’s more than just a funny man.

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The vehicle in question is a Lancia HF Integrale EVO II, something many Americans might know little about. However, in Europe the little hatchback is a performance legend and fairly sought after. When the little Italian was headed for the auction block at Silverstone Auctions’ Warwickshire event recently, the estimated high bid was £65,000 to £75,000. That’s not too shabby.

However, when the dust settled the Lancia went for £87,750. It’s possible the little hatchback punched well above its weight class thanks to star power. After all, plenty of collectors and even some enthusiasts will pay more for a vehicle that was owned and enjoyed by someone famous.

Silverstone Auctions highlighted some other positive qualities of the Evoluzione II. Apparently, it’s in a very rare paint color and boasts low mileage, meaning the car has been wonderfully well preserved. While some people just love restored vehicles, especially a meticulous restoration process, finding something that’s almost entirely original and that looks great is even more sought after.

What’s funny about this Lancia is that Atkinson bought it in May 2021, so it’s not like he’s had a lot of time in the seat. Obviously the man wasn’t planning on keeping it long, likely seeing the car as more of an investment than something to flog on the track or take to a bunch of shows. He either is an astute investor or is advised by someone who is, because he made off like a bandit from the auction.

Source: The Sun

Images via Silverstone Auctions

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