Mopars Dominate J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey

Sep 10, 2021 2 min read
Mopars Dominate J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey

What do you make of this?

When people think of vehicles which are put together exceptionally well in the factory, they might be idealizing BMWs, Mercedes, Porsches, or other premium brands. Then there are those who would immediately go to Toyota, Hyundai, or some other Asian automaker. However, when it comes to this year’s J.D. Power Initial Quality Study, the big news is the Mopars have done incredibly well.

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If you don’t recall, Dodge became the first domestic automotive brand to snag the top spot in the J.D Power IQS study ever last year. Well, it came in second this year, with the Dodge Charger snagging the top spot in the large car segment.

For the large heavy-duty pickup segment, the Ram 2500 HD and Ram 3500 HD dominated, snagging the top spot ahead of the Ford Super Duty. What’s more, the Ram 1500 finished second in the large light-duty pickups, just behind the Toyota Tundra. In other words, in the never-ending argument among Big Three truck fans, the Mopar guys just got some bragging rights.

Jeep got in on the action with the Gladiator grabbing the top spot for the midsize pickup segment. For the midsize SUV category, the Jeep Grand Cherokee handily walked off with number one as well.

While it’s no Mopar, it’s still worthy of mentioning the C8 Corvette took first place for the Sporty Car segment, edging out the Porsche 718 for the top spot. That’s impressive, showing the work going on at Bowling Green is truly exceptional.

The J.D. Power Initial Quality Study is a measurement of how many problems new vehicle owners experience within the first 90 days of ownership. It’s always surprising to hear about quality control issues almost straight out of the factory, but they do happen.

These rankings certainly don’t mean if you buy a Mopar you won’t have any problems or that you’ll have fewer problems than if you were to buy something else. Just know that at least for those surveyed, they had fewer problems in the first 90 days. Whatever that means for you is all you need to take away from this.

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