Father And Son Duo Busted Renting Out Stolen Luxury And High-Performance Cars

Sep 10, 2021 1 min read
Father And Son Duo Busted Renting Out Stolen Luxury And High-Performance Cars

These guys were basically operating as Hertz for organized crime.

While many people in Australia are getting tear gassed for going to the beach or staying at the grocery store for too long, the Khalil father-son duo are out there committing some real crimes. Simon Khalil, 53, and his 24-year-old son Brendon Khalil are two of five people in a group renting out stolen luxury and high-performance cars to notorious Sydney crime figures.

"They were effectively operating like a hire car company purely for profit," said Detective Superintendent Grant Taylor.

The two men are a part of a larger network that supplies stolen high-end cars to crime families known in Australia, like feuding Hamzy and Alameddine, in case our Aussie friends are familiar with the names. At least nine of the luxury and high-performance cars involved have been sized, some of them were even modified at a Summer Hill shop.

"They were getting extraordinarily dark tinting on the cars and also the cloning of number plates that replicated legitimate number plates somewhere in Sydney," Mr Taylor said.

Their defense has presented that the men were just helping in the shop, where many cars were serviced. Just like in America, it’ll be up to prosecution in this case to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were involved. Three others were charged alongside the father and son, and one was in possession of a weapon used in a shooting in 2020.

Source: 9 News

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