1968 Dodge Charger Is A Mopar Monster With JDM Power

Oct 13, 2021 2 min read
1968 Dodge Charger Is A Mopar Monster With JDM Power

This Controversial Engine Combination Has Led Many To Wonder Where This Build Will Take Mike Finnegan And His Team.

Typically within the automotive community, rust can be seen as either a tribute to the owner's laziness or it can be a badge of honor that shows off the vast history of these beautiful cars. Whatever the reason, it can be said that Finnegan's Garage "Death-Metal" 1968 Dodge Charger. Previously having lived its life as a modified racer, the team at Finnegan's found this beast in a sorry state that would make any vintage vehicle enthusiast shed a single tear for their beloved classic. Initially, Finnegan gave the Charger a "restored-ish" 440 ci Mopar big-block V8 engine. Nowadays, the car sports something a little less conventional under the hood.

Powering this massive Mopar monster is the famous 3.0-liter 2JZ engine turbocharged and tuned to produce 430 horsepower at the rear tires. The reasoning behind this, some might say blasphemous, decision was the back end taken from a Willys truck. That rear end had a 4.88 gear ratio from the factory, making the relatively low revving V8 practically useless in racing and drifting applications. This was not the first time this incredible engine had been used in one of these iconic Chargers. However, this was special because of the audience that these guys were broadcasting to, the American muscle car community.

Another problem finally reared its ugly head, this time having to do with the same rear end that served as the primary catalyst for the engine swap in the first place. This old back end has no customizability, so the guys swapped in their concoction. Finally, this custom Charger had received the 9" rear end it deserved, which sports a complete rear assembly equipped with two calipers, one for a drifting E-brake. Luckily, the lug pattern was custom ordered to fit the eight-lug wheel pattern, which allows the classic racing wheels to stay on this beautiful car. Regardless of the normality of this build, this is an excellent car, and we hope to see where it takes the builder from here.

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