The Only Hellcat Charger Manual Known To Exist

Jun 20, 2024 1 min read
The Only Hellcat Charger Manual Known To Exist

Even modern Charger starts as an automatic, but this one underwent a transformation.

The Dodge Charger, possibly one of America’s only true muscle cars left. While others focus on cutting weight and improving lap times the Charger tends to shift its focus on one thing, raw power. The Hellcats in particular seem to have mastered the art of big smokey burnouts and hard-hitting acceleration. However, there has always been one drawback to the current generation of Chargers. That would be the lack of a manual transmission option. We understand why Dodge does this.

Today’s automatic transmission features state-of-the-art technology which allows for smoother transitions from gear to gear and better quarter-mile times. However, as much as Dodge themselves would probably disagree with this statement, Dodge is not America’s performance brand. They are America’s driving-oriented brand, everything they do is designed to make it more fun to drive. Seeing that the exclusion of a manual transmission seems to contradict that message, this builder decided to take matters into his own hands to better compliment the brand's image.

Originally starting life as a base model Charger, this big boat now boasts all of the same features of a Hellcat and then some. Under the hood sits the famous 707 horsepower 6.2-liter Supercharged Hellcat V8 which has now been modified to push out a ridiculous 850 horsepower. However, while the high power output is impressive, the thing that makes this car special is how that power is transferred. Namely, through a six-speed manual transmission pulled directly out of a Hellcat Challenger. Most of the performance parts were taken from a Hellcat Challenger.

This crazy build is possibly the only one of its kind on the planet, though of course, we're sure now that is soon to change. Dodge fans have been begging for a manual Charger for years, finally, somebody took on the task of making their own. That's pretty cool.

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