Monte Carlo Stolen In Ohio

Jan 10, 2024 1 min read
Monte Carlo Stolen In Ohio

It was stolen from his garage.

The quiet town of Fremont, Ohio has become the target of a series of classic car thefts, leaving local owners heartbroken and vigilant. Kevin Green became the latest victim when his cherished 1972 Monte Carlo was stolen from his garage last Friday. The theft occurred while he was at work, and upon his return, the shocking discovery left him in disbelief.

Green, who had always believed his security measures were sufficient, said, “I was the guy that thought no, that will never happen to me. I have everything locked up tight." He promptly reported the incident to the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office, only to learn he wasn't the only one suffering such a loss.

Jeremy Roosen and Roger Loose, fellow Fremont residents, shared similar tales of woe. Roosen's vintage Buick Grand National, a sentimental heirloom from his father, was taken about two months ago. Loose's 1975 Chevy Caprice, a prized possession, vanished from his garage a month earlier. The pattern of these thefts suggests a targeted approach by the thieves, who seem to be zeroing in on rarely driven, high-value classic cars.

Although the Sandusky County Sheriff’s Office has not reported an uptick in classic car thefts, the experiences of these residents paint a different picture. Roosen highlighted the severity of the situation, noting, “These are high-profile cases. People are losing 70, $100,000 cars.”

This string of thefts has not only inflicted financial loss but also emotional trauma on the victims. The loss of these classic cars, often more than just vehicles but treasured memories and family legacies, has left a void for their owners.

The incidents serve as a stark reminder and a call to action for the Fremont community. Green advises residents to take extra precautions, saying, “I don’t care how secure they think their property is, I mean, go above and beyond.” As the community reels from these losses, there is a collective hope for the recovery of the stolen cars and an end to this alarming spree.

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