Don’t mess with this Mopar!

Mopar has become an instantly recognizable name in the automotive community for its ability to consistently produce cars that dominate the drag strip. Everything from the beautifully crafted leaf springs, which were designed specifically to eliminate the need for a traction bar, to the high output Hemis that we know and love today. These cars have been used in everything however some of the more favorable settings include stock car racing, drag racing, and even pro-touring. It isn't uncommon to go to the drag strip and see a lineup of these muscle-bound Mopar monsters. However, it isn't every day that you get to experience the insane head trip that is this classic Road Runner.

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Under the hood is a ludicrous 572ci Hemi V8 with a power output of 950-horsepower, the car also runs a 250 shot of nitrous which increases the horsepower to over 1,200hp. Given the power that it makes, this thing is capable of under 8 second passes at the quarter-mile. With such an incredible engine driving this beast down the drag strip one would expect the rest of the car to be just as flamboyant and loud. Of course, you'd be right. All of the suspension parts have been upgraded to handle that intense engine and a beefed-up Dana 60 rear end helps to keep the car planted.

This hurricane of a car also gives new life to the classic styling of the Road Runner with the fenders appearing to be flared slightly to fit the thick rear drag radials. The interior has been stripped down to fit a complex and sturdy roll cage but some subtle cues and logos tell you that this is a Road Runner. You’ll find a Road Runner logo on the steering wheel as well as the back wall of the car. One of the coolest “easter eggs” that this car is equipped with is the “meep meep” horn which mimics the sound made by the Road Runner in the classic Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote cartoons. Overall it's an incredible car and we hope to see it again in the future.

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