Pair Of Model T Cars Inside Trailer Stolen In Texas

Oct 1, 2021 2 min read
Pair Of Model T Cars Inside Trailer Stolen In Texas

The thieves are not letting up!

Car thieves are, well first of all they’re terrible pieces of scum, but they’re keen on what they’re doing. When they see a big car trailer being hauled around, they know that what’s inside could mean a big payday for them if they got it away from the owner. It’s always safe to assume to a car trailer has a car, or two, inside that someone really cares about and values, and sometimes they’ll scope it out for a while to make sure that’s true. Such is the case with a pair of 1920s Model T vehicles in Temple, Texas.

Benny Guseman and his girlfriend Sara Conroy were on their way to an antique car event, from a small east Texas town named Nacogdoches. Their 2018 Diamond Cargo Trailer with Texas License Plate Number 91016N was stolen on the evening of September 29th, with a black 1925 Ford Model T Roadster and a black 1926 Ford Model T Coupe inside.

A surveillance video showed a man wearing a white tank top, black shorts, and white shoes taking off with the precious cargo using a Chevy Tahoe to pull it away. The couple got an alert that the trailer was moving via a GPS tracker, but it lost track after a few miles.

One of the cars belongs to Benny Guseman and the other to a friend. Guseman’s car is his dad’s who restored it from scratch. "I don't know about putting a dollar value on it but there was a lot of time and effort," Guseman said.

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