Terrifying Tahoe Throws Down With Hellcat For The Win

Nov 29, 2021 2 min read
Terrifying Tahoe Throws Down With Hellcat For The Win

This is one hellacious SUV!

The Dodge Challenger has become an incredibly popular car in the American automotive community. Years of intense striving to be the best of the best in performance has put Dodge at the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. This insane transition from a period of producing ugly underpowered economy cars to being the manufacturer of some of the world's fastest muscle and sports cars has gained the brand a cult-like following. Unlike other brands, this following is largely agreed to be 100-percent justified. The Hellcat especially is an incredible car, being an affordable 707-horsepower monster. So it's even more amazing to see that this increase in popularity for Dodge and the Hellcat has bred a lot of competition as well.

One such example of this brutal competition is one 800 horsepower Chevy Tahoe built by Hennessey Performance. Of course, Hennessey has always been in the business of making incredibly fast cars but this is a special situation. When most people think of a fast car they don't typically picture a high riding, heavy, SUV. However, they haven't seen this wicked 2018 Chevy Tahoe. Under the hood is the ridiculous Hennessey supercharged HPE800 engine which pushes out an astonishing 800 horsepower through a fantastic all-wheel-drive system. This makes this show-stopping Tahoe a Hellcat killer.

This impressive powertrain was truly put to the test when up rolled one of the automotive god’s greatest creations, the Hellcat. This beast certainly wasn't shaking in its boots. As the two squared up, tire to beefy tire, they revved and roared to show dominance over one another. The cocky Hellcat looks sleek and low with the wide fenders shining for all on-lookers to awe at. The Tahoe stays unassuming but ready to throw down. When the checkered dropped the Tahoe shot off the line like a bullet into the chest of a Sicilian mob boss. The Hellcat kept the pace pretty well but eventually missed his mark as the Tahoe crossed the finish line gloriously. It just goes to show you that with enough hard work you can beat even the fastest cars, this Tahoe is proof of that.

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